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Shipping and Deliveries

How do I track my order?

With this link you can directly track your shipment via our shipping partner. You can also log in to your account to view your order.

How quickly will my order be delivered?

We send packages every day. Ordered before 4:00 PM means that your order will be shipped by PostNL the same day. For more information, see the Shipments and Deliveries page.

Can I also collect my order?

It is possible to pick up an order in Amsterdam or Herwijnen. However, this is not always guaranteed. Therefore, please contact us in advance by e-mail: or by telephone on +31 (0)6 42994026.

Electric medicine cooler box

What is the temperature inside LifeinaBox?

The environment in which LifeinaBox is used has some influence on cooling. Just like the refrigerator in your home, it will be less efficient in extreme conditions. However, LifeinaBox always ensures that your medications are stored between 2 and 8°C (35.6 to 46.4°F).

What is the size of the space in LifeinaBox?

The exact dimensions of the room are 180 mm wide, 64 mm deep and 40 mm high, so a spacious 468 cm². It fits approximately 8 standard insulin pens.

How long does the battery last in LifeinaBox?

LifeinaBox is equipped with a 6-hour battery life, plenty of time to get from your house to your car. We have also developed separate battery packs (LifeinaPower) of 6 hours each, which are available in our accessories section . These batteries offer more flexibility and can be charged with your cell phone cables. Generally we find our insulated bags to be easier to use for air travel, but there is no problem if you want to use LifeinaBox on an airplane.

Is LifeinaBox waterproof?

LifeinaBox is like any electrical appliance and is not waterproof so it must be kept dry.

Can I place my LifeinaBox in a cupboard or suitcase?

This really depends on the size of the cabinet. Just like a normal refrigerator, LifeinaBox cools by removing heat. Heat must be able to escape. So do not use LifeinaBox in an area where there is little or no air exchange, because the heat has nowhere to go.

How does LifeinaBox work?

LifeinaBox uses a technology called the Peltier effect (thermoelectric cooling). This was originally discovered by a Frenchman with the wonderful name Jean Atanase Peltier in 1834. He discovered that if you weld together many cubes of different metals and run an electric current through them, the friction due to the different metal densities creates super heat on one side and causes super cold on the other side. We dissipate the heat with fans and have attached the cold part of the Peltier directly under an aluminum heat sink to distribute the cold evenly. We have stabilized the Peltier effect by producing it under vacuum to give more stability.

Does my LifeinaBox come with a warranty?

Yes, LifeinaBox is guaranteed. We make great products and pay great attention to details to create absolutely perfect products. By law we have to give a one-year warranty on LifeinaBox, but LifeinaBox will last much longer if you use it properly. Obviously, if you crush it with your car or do something completely stupid, we won't fix it. However, if there is a real problem, we are always ready to help you fix it.

How much power does LifeinaBox consume? Will it drain my car battery?

LifeinaBox draws 4.5 amps of 12V DC, about the same as a single headlight. LifeinaBox should not drain or damage a fully charged battery when used with the engine running. Every vehicle and every battery is unique. Ask your dealer or technician to check the quality of your battery before connecting a device that can drain it.

Does LifeinaBox protect my medications from freezing?

A preset value of the device ensures that your medicines do not fall below 2°C, so that they never freeze. However, LifeinaBox should be used at "normal" temperatures. If you keep LifeinaBox in freezing temperatures, it will not protect your medications from freezing.

Where should I keep my LifeinaBox during a flight?

You must always keep your medications with you, regardless of the mode of transportation; NEVER STORE YOUR MEDICINES IN LUGGAGE THAT IS BOOKED IN THE AIRPLANE CARGO SPACE! If your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed, it can ruin your holiday. Even if it is possible to use LifeinaBox on an airplane, we generally find it easier to use one of our isothermal bags for air travel (LifeinaBag12 or LifeinaBag24, which also keep your medicines between 2 and 8°C). The bags are just easier to put in your handbag than a portable refrigerator. We usually use LifeinaBox in a car, hotel or at home rather than on a plane. However, if you want to take your LifeinaBox with you on a plane trip, there's really no problem with that. However, you will need the LifeinaTravel bag to transport your refrigerator, and you may want to purchase an additional battery (LifeinaPower).

At what temperature can I use LifeinaBox?

We tested LifeinaBox up to an ambient temperature of 36°C. At this temperature, everything in LifeinaBox remains between 2 and 8°C. On the other hand, if you use LifeinaBox at this temperature, the batteries won't last as long. But anyway, most people don't live in a temperature of 36°C permanently and have access to air conditioning, both in their home and in their car.

Can I leave my LifeinaBox permanently connected?

Yes, LifeinaBox can remain permanently connected,
24/7, just like your refrigerator in the kitchen.

Medicine cool bag 2-8°C

Where should I keep my Medicine Cooler Bag when I travel?

Always keep your medication with you, in your hand luggage. There is no reason for anyone to stop you from taking your life-saving medication. Just make sure you have a copy of your prescription with you.

Can I use a MediCooler medicine cooler bag on the plane?

Yes. In fact, many airlines recommend only using medication cooler bags from MediCooler, because all medication cooler bags that Medicooler supplies are always and also the only ones that have been clinically tested and validated. But there is always the possibility that when you arrive or depart in a foreign country, you will be stopped at customs by someone who does not understand this. So the best way is to always be prepared for this by arriving with three things:

  1. Your medication in a well-protected medicine cooler bag with frozen gel packs.
  2. A copy of your prescription
  3. A completed Medical Certificate.

Then, when you arrive at customs, you take out your medication, say loudly, "I'm sick, here's my medication, here's my certificate, can you please help me," and you pass through security without any problem.

Do my medications really stay between 2-8°C if I use a medication cooler bag from MediCooler?

Yes, all cool bags that MediCooler supplies have been tested and validated to store your medicine between 2-8°C. For more information about how we test and measure our cool bags and to be as transparent as possible, please refer to our "Measuring Temperature" page.

Can the medicine cooler bags 2-8°C freeze my medicines?

No, unless you use them completely wrong. When freezing the gel packs, you should freeze them in a normal household freezer, at a temperature of approximately -18°C. If you then place the gel packs in the appropriate compartments in your medicine cooler bag, there is no contact with the medicines and it is impossible for them to freeze.

Will it work better if I put extra gel packs in the medicine cooler bag?

No not at all. The cooling bags have been carefully designed to optimize the cold generated by the frozen gel packs. In fact, if you add a gel pack you run the risk of your medication freezing.

Can I use the gel packs forever?

Yes absolutely, you can use them hundreds of times and they won't wear out. Be careful not to drop them when they are frozen as you can split the corners and cause them to leak. If you want extra gel packs, you can order them online.

How long should I freeze the gel packs?

The gel packs are filled with phase change material, and after about 8 hours of freezing, this material will change phase and become a new material that will stay frozen for much longer. We recommend that you store your gel packs permanently in the freezer so that they are always ready to use, or freeze them for at least 12 to 14 hours.

My gel pack is leaking, what should I do?

In fact, the gel packs are incredibly well made, with an outer layer of silicone, which prevents them from “sweating”. Once thawed they are virtually indestructible. Paradoxically, however, when frozen, they are quite sensitive to shock, as they become incredibly hard. If you drop a gel pack while it is frozen, you may tear a corner or develop a micro-crack. And when it thaws, it can leak. The best way to store your gel packs is to keep them in a corner of your freezer, stacked well on top of each other so they don't fall out too often. But if you do break a gel pack, you can order spare parts from the Accessories section of the MediCooler website

Medicine cooler bag 16-25°C

How does the EasyBag work?

The EasyBag contains a special gel that, if soaked in water for one minute, will soak approximately 600 times its weight in water. When you place the soaked gel in the EasyBag, the evaporation process is accelerated, allowing your medication to cool and remain between 16 and 25°C. The principle is basically the same as when you lick the back of your hand and then blow on it. It feels cool because as you blow on it, you speed up evaporation, which feels cool.

Is the EasyBag suitable for all medicines?

No, the EasyBag is only suitable for medicines that have a shelf life of between 16 and 25°C, such as insulin. If your medication needs to be stored between 2 and 8°C, it is best to use a medication cooler bag for 2-8°C .

Does it work better if I put two gel pads in the EasyBag?

No, not at all, it won't make any difference at all. It works on evaporation and one gel pad already contains more than enough water.

Should I place the EasyBag in the refrigerator when I am not using it?

No, it doesn't really matter at all. If your medication is suitable for the EasyBag (must be stored between 16 and 25°C), the EasyBag will do its job without a refrigerator.

Should I freeze the EasyBag?

No not at all. Freezing the EasyBag only means that your medication may become too cold.

My EasyBag gel pack no longer absorbs water, what should I do?

Depending on where you live, there may be calcium in the water. Ultimately, these minerals settle in the EasyBag and prevent the polymers inside from absorbing water. If this happens, you can simply soak your inner gel pad in water with a spoonful of vinegar to dissolve the minerals, just like you would when cleaning a kettle. Or you can simply order a spare gel pad via the accessories section of the website

Can I use any water for the EasyBag?

Yes, you can use any “reasonable” water. Tap water works best. However, do not use seawater, as the salt will eventually build up in the EasyBag, preventing it from absorbing water.

Can I use the EasyBag forever?

In theory, yes if you use distilled water. But if you soak it in tap water that contains a lot of foreign minerals, it will actually last about a year and a half if you use it all the time. If you need spare gel pads, you can order them at any time on our website.

At what ambient temperature can I use the EasyBag?

When we test the EasyBag, we test it up to a temperature of 32°C. Most people do not stay at such a temperature permanently because they have air conditioning or are in a building. At an ambient temperature of 32°C, the temperature in the EasyBag will be slightly more than 25°C.

Can I put the EasyBag in my suitcase?

The EasyBag works best in the open air, so that the water in it can evaporate. If you put him in your suitcase, he can't breathe. But that's actually a moot point, because the temperature of your suitcase is probably below 25°C. If you want to put it in your backpack when you go on a trip, it's best to stick it on the top of the bag, just under the flap, or in one of the nets on the outside.

Can moisture damage my medication?

If your medication is in pre-filled pens, vials or other liquid formats, it will not be damaged by the moisture in the EasyBag. However, if you are taking tablets, even if they are in a sealed container, it is always better to put them in a sealed plastic bag.

Will the EasyBag get my stuff wet?

It is true that when you first soak the gel pack in water, it absorbs a lot of water, and this can seep through the outer bag. The easiest way to prevent this is, after soaking the gel pack in water, to slide it between 2 fingers to remove excess moisture. Whatever happens, do not place the EasyBag in a plastic bag as it will stop “breathing” completely and will no longer cool your medication.

How often do I have to soak the EasyBag before it works?

That really depends on the outside temperature. At a temperature of about 32°C you should wet it every three days. If the weather is very hot, then every 2 days. The easiest way is to put your finger on it in the morning. If it still feels damp, you're good for the day.

How many insulin pens fit in the EasyBag?

In theory, the EasyBag Single is suitable for one pen, but in practice it fits 2 pens quite easily. The EasyBag Classic is made for 4 pens, but it can easily fit 6 pens.

Exchange or Return

My medicine doesn't fit. Can I exchange the product?

Yes, that is possible if the cool box has not been used. Please see this page for all our exchange and return conditions.

How long will it take before I get my money back?

As soon as we receive the package, we will do our best to refund the purchase amount as quickly as possible. This takes an average of 48 hours.

Other frequently asked questions

Can I also work at MediCooler?

That's certainly possible! send your CV and motivation to

Are you really the coolest company in the Netherlands?

Yes, that's absolutely right!

My question is not listed, what now?

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