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iCool VacPack 18 hours (2 - 8°C)

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The Icool Vaccine bag from MedsActiv is a powerhouse in its category. The cool bag has room for 12 standard injection pens that remain cooled between 2-8°C for a period of 18 hours. The cool box remains cold thanks to 3 cooling elements that must be cooled in advance for 12 hours at -18 degrees for optimal cooling performance. Ideal if you need to take multiple medications with you from A to B and still want to remain compact in your hand luggage or backpack. 0


The external dimensions are: 200 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm

The internal dimensions/contents are: 180 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm

Cooling time medication

The iCool VacPack 18 hours (2 - 8°C) keeps your medication cooled for 18 hours between 2-8°C

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Keep your medication at exactly the right temperature for 18 hours
The iCool vaccine bag is the product of choice to keep your medication organized and portable. The iCool vaccine bag is large enough to transport 12 standard medications between 2 and 8°C for 18 hours. The cavity size is 18 cm (width) x 7 cm (length) x 7 cm (height).

The iCool MediCube contains reusable gel packs and will serve you for years to come.

  • Keeps everything in one place
  • For all heat-sensitive medications (insulin, growth hormones, L-Thyroxin, polyarthritis medications)
  • Keep your medication between 2 and 8°C for 18 hours at an airplane temperature (approximately 24°C)
  • For the transport of large quantities of medication over long distances and time

The iCool bags are tested at an ambient temperature of 24.2°C, which is the temperature found in airplanes. At this ambient temperature they keep your medication between 2 and 8°C for 12, 18,24 or 36 hours, depending on the model chosen. Please note that if you use the iCool bags at a higher ambient temperature than 24.2°C, they will not last as long as advertised.

The iCool bags are lined with insulation materials in which frozen gel packs are placed. The MedActiv Gel Pack is made with a specially formulated polymer that stays frozen twice as long as a traditional pack and does not "sweat" during thawing. This innovation, although seemingly small, allows MedActiv to keep the medication between 2 and 8°C for up to 18 hours, which is a record for this type of bag.

Discreet and elegant, iCool bags allow users to take long plane journeys in complete safety. For the new generations of iCool bags, a team of engineers worked with a team of patients to rethink traditional solutions for transporting fragile medications.

Combined specifications
Feature Specification
Dimensions 200mm x 140mm x 140mm
Internal dimensions 180mm x 70mm x 70mm
Contents 12 standard injection pens
Temperature cool bag 2 - 8°C - with outside temperature 24°C 18 hours
Pre-cool 12 hours at -18°C
Number of cooling elements 3 pieces (included)
Weight 980g
Use climate 0°C ~ 32°C, Humidity: ≤85% RH
Storage climate Condition for storage and transportation: Temp: -20°C ~ 55°C, Humidity <95% RH
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