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LifeinaBag12 - 12 hours (2 - 8°C)

by Lifeina
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The LifeinaBag12 medicine cool bag is a compact cool bag for medicines. The special design stores 3 standard injection pens for 12 hours at the desired temperature between 2-8 °C. Its light and compact design makes it ideal for traveling in your backpack or carry-on luggage. One cooling element must be frozen at -18 degrees for 12 hours prior to travel, ensuring optimal cooling performance. The medicine cooler bag has room for 3 standard injection pens.

Lifeinabag12 Medicine cooler bag - 12 hours between 2-8°C
The LifeinaBag12 is a small compact cool bag suitable for short-term transport of medicines. The cool bag can guarantee a temperature of 2-8°C for 12 hours.

Space for 3 standard injections
The cool bag has room for 3 standard pens. The ideal cool boxes if you are looking for a small compact cool box for a trip of 12 hours or less.

Always keep your medications chilled
The LifeinaBag12 is ideal if you want to have your medication with you in your daily life. The compact size makes it easy to fit in your bag or backpack. Ideal for when you travel lying down and your medicines travel with you.

Specification Feature
Name Lifeinabag12
Height 200mm
Width 120mm
Depth 50mm
Weight 360g
Pre-cooling time 12 hours at -18°C
Cooling time 12 hours (2-8°C)
contents 3 standard injections
Cooling elements 1 piece
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