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Dison Care medicine cooling bottle - LED display (36 hours cooled 2-25°C)

by Dison
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The Dison Care cooling bottle is a small cool box suitable for transporting some medications when traveling or on the road. The cool box is easy to carry due to its compact size and sturdy metal casing. The 3 series LED is equipped with an internal thermometer that indicates the temperature in the cooling bottle in which your medicine is located.


- Dison Care cooling bottle (White or Black)

- Built-in LED Thermometer

- Medicine bag

- Gel ICE Pack

-Emergency ICE Pack

Colour: Black

The external dimensions are: 6.5 x 6.5 x 23.5 cm; 600g

The internal dimensions/contents are: 168 x 23.7 mm (hxw)

Cooling time medication

The Dison Care medicine cooling bottle - LED display (36 hours cooled 2-25°C) keeps your medication refrigerated

22 hours between 2 - 8 ℃

36 hours between 2 - 25 ℃.

Shipping time in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Dison Care Medicine Cooling Bottle
The Dison medicine cooling bottle is a cooling bottle with cooling elements suitable for transporting medicines.

How does the cooling bottle work?
The Dison Care medicine cooling bottle consists of a cooling element and a cooling bottle.

The cooling bottle works as follows:

1). Cool the freezer element in the freezer at -18 degrees for 6 to 8 hours.

2). Allow the freezer element to acclimatize in the open air for 5 to 10 minutes.

3). Place the freezing element in the cooling bottle and screw the cap on the cooling bottle, wait 1 minute and measure the temperature.

4). When the temperature is at the desired temperature (read from the top), add your medicine. If the temperature is not yet suitable, repeat step 2.

The Dison Care medicine cooling bottle keeps your medicines within a range of 2 and 8 ℃ for 22 hours and 36 hours with a temperature range of 2-25 ℃. This was measured at an outside temperature of 24.5 degrees.

TSA Approved
This product is suitable to take with you on the plane in your hand luggage. (Make sure that you always carry a letter from your doctor stating the name of the medicine, the condition for which this medicine is used and the hospital/GP details, as well as your prescription for the medicine.)

LED Display with internal temperature
A digital thermometer is installed on the top of the cooling bottle that constantly displays the temperature inside the cooling bottle. Lightly tap the touchscreen with your finger and the screen will light up with the temperature.

Feature Specification
Internal dimensions 168 x 23.7 mm (hxw)
Product dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 23.5 cm; 600g
Pre-cooling time 6-8 hours
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